iron Eclipse Community

iron Eclipse Community

Hello Everyone!

Today we'd were pretty nostalgic on the nice time we had back in planetside 2 together.
Basically most of the community based on ps2 in the past. Don't know how many hours we've spend together in platoons on Auraxis :)

To celebrate this,we like to invite you to a "Friday Night Platoon". Idk if am a able to lead still, but I will give my best to move the (probably drunken) platoon then through out a nice night together.

Overwatch is coming in just some days. I post this because of the many sub-groups running around on the teamspeak right now. Most of you are interested into Overwatch. Regarding that, Overwatch is a good contender to be a played by many of us thou.

I wasn't interested in this game really, until I've heard from a lot of you about it. Afterwards I've joined the beta and was playing it a lot there. Unfortunately it was already end of beta. So I am waiting since then for the release of that game.

I recommend this game if you like team-based shooters in the maner of Team Fortress 2 in the style of blizzard games.
It's pretty fast paced, and reminds me a bit of Unreal Tournament tbh.

This game will go with you for a good while, even if you don't play it as your main game anymore. Always good to have a game later on where you just hop into and have fun for a bit.

Cheapest version:
Just my first match in the new season which has started yesterday.