iron Eclipse Community

iron Eclipse Community

We will run a platoon today 21:30 CET / 20:30 BST

-> Gathering starts around 21:00 CET on a free Warpgate and we will setup the squads and squadleader.
New players are welcome to join a little earlier, we can run a little tutorial then.

PlanetSide2 2013-11-16 01-40-45-46.jpg
PlanetSide2_x64 2014-06-29 00-43-20-75.jpg PlanetSide2_x64 2014-06-29 23-24-06-17.jpg PlanetSide2 2013-11-16 01-40-45-46.jpg

After several hours of playing Planetside 2 again, we've talked about going back into business.

We aim for the first for Sunday-, Wednesday- and Friday Night Platoons
each starting around 21:30 CEST, 20:30 BST.

This isn't a direct attempt to revive the department, we will see how it works out.
It's all about us and keeping it up as a team and community.
It felt very familiar to play with you again. Tbh, I haven't felt too much like just had a longer break.
Thinking about a weekly version of what we did yesterday night.
In general we have enough experience to roll the platoon, without practising it daily anymore.

I've enjoyed it yesterday. It was familiar to play with you guys and even the
small version of our old commanding structure still works fine.

Additionally, i like the fact that the game is more now, than just Gal-Drops and Zergs.
Tanks, Convoys, Small groups are so much more important.

I like to give it a shot, Planetside 2 is still the easiest game to get in for a community and fits all needs of iECP.

This isn't a department revival, but an attempt to have fun with a good known free to play title most of us love :)

Please feedback on this one.