iron Eclipse Community

iron Eclipse Community

Greetings folks!

We are happy to announce the founding of our new departement. Beside the great games H1Z1 and planetside, we want to get deeper in the possibilities of building and creating a new environment, determined and ruled by the ideals and ideas of iECP.

If you are interested to check this new and upcoming spacesim out, check out their official website

For the next few weeks we are trying to expand our departement there, what has already around 5-6 players in it to increase the numbers of pilots and gain influence on a system, we want to live in. At the moment, we are still concentration on bringing all those new players together and forming the first foundation of social networks for our future goals. For further information just ask players in the determined elite channels on our teamspeak server or use our forums.
Fly safe and good hunt, pilots!...

Just watched this awesome video again from trueCrowz.
I've posted this one to show some fine planetside teamwork many of us were part of in the past.
We were a good team, and we are it today and it still improves in terms of gameplay and community.

Additionally we announce iC#7 for this week with updates about ongoing stuff. This time again, everyone is invited to join the recording.

I like to wish for everybody of you and your familys a happy Easter Fest :)

Last months we spend much time together playing H1z1, Planetside and other games.
But if remember back to those days, the first thing coming into mind for me is the fact of the good community.
Coming online, joining teamspeak is a good thing. It's meeting friends and comrads.
To be honest, I am happy to be part of this bunch of people :)

Enjoy those days,