iron Eclipse Community

iron Eclipse Community

Hello everyone,

on this wednesday we run the next Open Tactical Platoon", starting around 21:30 CEST.
Since the last Platoons we'd run for you, we've got a lot request and conversations about
joining iECP.

The current state of Planetside 2 in iECP isn't a full department. It's basically what we want to do right now.
Especially for me, the coming wednesday will show how the interest really is. There I mean the interest from outside of iECP and inside, to keep on playing regular Platoons + starting to recruit squads of new players keeping up the gameplay between the platoon-days.

It's unrealistic to plan too far into the future. If iECP wants to stay active, it needs to find new members which will support the outfit ingame and on teamspeak self-sustainingly.
None of the older veterans are really interested in pulling everything by their own.

But indeed the veterans are insteresd into support new players in iECP to keep up Platoons and Squads, like in the old days :)

So let's...
Today we run a platoon into the night with open end, starting from 21:30 CEST / 20:30 BST on.
Everyone is invited for this traditional event :)

For everyone who doesn't know what planetside 2 actually is or never played it,
you should really install it and join today. It's free to play and great fun.
Look at this brave men, giving there best to bring honor for the Terran Repulic :)
I would say we are back and have great fun with Planetside 2 again.
Cu next time on Friday 21:30 CET / 20:30 BST