iron Eclipse Community

iron Eclipse Community

This ARK focuses on community orientated gameplay, Base building, Sailing, Exploring,
Trading and PVP/PVE are all possible.

The Interaction between tribes or single survivors is key.

Overall the difficulty settings are veteran orientated, but newer players will
have a good chance as well. The Community will help new survivors to establish, if required/requested.


PVE PVP Trading Sailing Base building Long term Community-Gameplay Player-Interaction

Key Features / Settings
  • Primitive+ Official Mod
  • Dedicated SSD Linux Machine for ensuring lagfree gameplay (Hosted in Germany)
  • Dinos are harder to kill and more dangerous, but faster to tame
  • Gathering/Harvesting 2x, Tame 2.5, XP 1x
  • Large Rafts/Ships possible (4x item amount) for a fine sailing gameplay and mobile bases
  • 50% shorter Nights
  • Regular Server backups
  • Teamspeak3 free to use (can offer free game channel
    to those who are regular server users,...
Hello everyone,

I like to invite for small come-together on Friday this week.
It's quite a while ago now, since we'd the last one.

Theres no special topc, it's more a smalltalk thingy with coffee and cookies while everybody
can talk about ongoing stuff in his gaming carreer :)

Please give me a hint about your availability for that date.

This Friday we are going to run a platoon again. We will start as usual at 21:30 CEST (20:30 BST) and preparing 30 minutes beforehand.

As a result of the last 5 platoons we'd run, a lot of friends joining our platoon instantly as well as new recruits we got this week. That leads into the direction of becoming a department again. The current plan is to keep the regular dates up, on which we play plattons as a whole outfit. Between those days the planetside enthusiasts will keep playing in squads or fun things.

The Answer for the question about the future:
So yes, there's a future for iECP in Planetside 2 and I am happy to see older veterans of ironEclipse taking over squad- and key positions to provide that well oiled structure we are currently running. This together with new players joining our ranks, will be the basement for the upcoming weeks.

The Goals:
  • Recruiting new members
  • Develop willing members to squadleaders for OTPs (Open...