iron Eclipse Community

iron Eclipse Community

Community Meeting on 18th of Febuary 2017 - 21:00 CET

on Teamspeak :)


Hello Folks,

in the interest of the community, we should come together on Teamspeak to
have a chat about what's ongoing in the different corners of the community.

Give the people a good chance to talk to everyone at the same time again.

I would like to invite you to take part in the vote, when we can do this.

Have a nice day :)
After talking to Reaven, Doomside and Beard, we've decided
to go for an Friday Night Platoon on next Friday. Feel welcome to join u :)

When: Friday 21:30 CET (20:30 UK central))
Where: Teamspeak Planetside 2 Channel
What: We will start to form the Platoon around 21:30 CET.

Hey guys,

just wanted to drop by quickly and bring all of you up to date what's currently going on in EVE Online.
Our group just came back from a 2 months break. A bunch of our EVE-Players needed time to sort their real life stuff out. Since two weeks now, we are back in business. We continued our previous goal to capture a whole pocket (pocket=a group of solar systems), gain control over all Custom Offices (planetary stations. The owner can set taxes for everyone who uses the planet) and build our own, large Citadell as new trade hub in this region.

As expected there is some resistence but our numbers are growing and we had none higher loss in the last weeks. Although there were just a few fleet fights, we hold our ground. One reason of this might be the upgrade from low-class ships to shiny bling bling pirate- and navy battleships.

(The 'Nestor'. A...
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